MINERAL COLOR french manufacturer of wall covering products show you Abstrait

Abstrait is a matt interior decorative paint with fines delicately pearly particles, easy to apply in 2 coats.

With his large range of colors Abstrait does really fit into all type of interior.


Applying the tinted first coat:

Upon properly prepared walls (Mineral Prim is recommended) apply the tinted first coat with a short hair paint roller at ± 120 g/m²

Advice: For strong color we recommend to tint the primer in the first coat shade.

Applying the finishing:

When the first coat is dry (12 hours) applying with a spalter (flat brush) Abstrait finishing at ± 120 g/m² with regular crossing strokes and regular touch. When the finishing start to dry (5 to 10 min) smooth the Abstrait finishing using a soft plastic spatula to bring out the product’s unique finish.



Very hard-wearing, easy to maintain, washable
Odourless, solvant free
No joins
Ustensils can be cleaned in water
Frost sensitive, keep in a cool place
Will keep for 6 months in it unopened original packaging

Tints examples

abstrait 1Abstrait 1

abstrait 2Abstrait 2

abstrait 3Abstrait 3

abstrait 6Abstrait 6

abstrait 7Abstrait 7

abstrait 8Abstrait 8

abstrait 9Abstrait 9

abstrait 11Abstrait 11

abstrait 12Abstrait 12

abstrait 13Abstrait 13

abstrait 14Abstrait 14

abstrait 16Abstrait 16

abstrait 20Abstrait 20

abstrait 21Abstrait 21

abstrait 22Abstrait 22

abstrait 23Abstrait 23

abstrait 24Abstrait 24

abstrait 27Abstrait 27

abstrait 29Abstrait 29

abstrait 30Abstrait 30

Applying video

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