Versailles Décor is an original and luxurious interior decorative wall covering, thanks to its pearly aspect, and is easy to apply.

Versailles Décor changes and enhances all your interiors.

Applying Versailles Decor in 3 coats: the first coat (for exemple) of Enduit Rustique and after two coats of Versailles Décor.


Applying the Enduit Rustique

Upon properly prepared bases (Mineral Prim and sous couche granitée (granitic first coat) recommended) apply “Enduit Rustique” with a trowel (1 tot 1.5 kg/m²) according to the desired look Working by panels of m² to m² is advisable.

Before the covering begins to set, use an appropirte tool to obtain the required finish (flat brushes, nylon brushes, bare hands, sponges...) for a variety of creative effects. Enduit Rustique is completely dry after 24 hours. You can sand down, if you whish, the small rough edges an dust them off.


Applying the Versailles Décor finishing

Using a graining brush or a painting glove apply the finishing Versailles Décor (50-70 g/m²) evely.



160 g/m² of sous couche granitée (granitic first coat)
1 to 1.5 kg /m² of Enduit Rustique
50 to 100 g/m² of finishing Versailles Décor.


Exemples de teintes

decor gold Décor Gold
decor golden orange Décor Golden Orange
decor old gold Décor Old Gold
decor bronze Décor Bronze
decor pale gold Décor Pale Gold
decor black silver Décor Black Silver
decor copper Décor Copper
decor salmon Décor Salmon
decor pink Décor Pink
decor fuschia Décor Fushia
decor light silver Décor Light Silver
decor silver Décor Silver


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