Reflet Sablé is an interior decorative paint which apply on a tinted first coat.

Reflet Sablé is a sophisticated mixe of natural river sand and pearl offerer an fine granitic decor at once matt and satin depend of light reflexion angle.
Reflet Sablé is easy to apply, very resistant and perfectly adapeted to a design and modern surroundings.


The first coat is tinged with our manual Mineral Color tinting system.
The coloured quantity to use are indicate under each reference for 1 kg of the first coat.

Applying the Tinted First Coat

Upon properly prepared walls, (Mineral Prim is recommended) apply the tinted first coat Reflet Sablé with short hair paint roller at ± 100 g/m².

Applying Reflet Sablé

When the first coat is dry  (near 8 hours) applying with a flat brush (60 or 80 mm) the finishing Reflet Sablé with regular crossing strokes and regular touch in sections of 1 m² at the times.
After shade off the overlay of Reflet Sablé Métal with a slightly damp sponge.
It's recommand to finish the complete application of a wall to avoid the resumption.


Very hard-wearing, easy to maintain, washable
Odourless, solvant free
No joins
Ustensils can be cleaned in water
Frost sensitive, will keep for 6 months in it unopened original packaging.

Tint examples

rs 500RS 500
rs 501RS 501
rs 502RS 502
rs 503RS 503
rs 504RS 504
rs 505RS 505
rs 507RS 507
rs 508RS 508
rs 509RS 509
rs 510RS 510
rs 511RS 511
rs 512RS 512
rs 513RS 513
rs 514RS 514
rs 515RS 515
rs 516RS 516
rs 517RS 517
rs 518RS 518
rs 519RS 519
rs 520RS 520
rs 521RS 521
rs 523RS 523


Applying video

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