Metal Effect is a metallic coating to be applied in 2-coats on a granite undercoat. It is a living product as its aspect changes according to the angle of the light reflection. Metal Effect is easy to apply, its fine metallic aspect and sustained colours adapt themselves perfectly to modern and contemporary design.


Very easy application
Odourless, no touch-up
Solvent free
Equipment cleaned with water



On properly prepared bases (Mineral Prim recommended), apply the granite undercoat with a short-bristled roller.

When the undercoat is dry (around 12 hours), apply with the help of an Inox Metal Effect smoothing tool, the first coat is applied in a thin layer, in order to cover the undercoat but not in a very uniform way.

Once this coat is dry (around 12 hours), apply the second coat of Metal Effect with the smoothing tool by making opposite movements or rotations to achieve different layers, which once finished will create chromatic effects.


Tint examples

metal 1
metal 2
metal 3
metal 4
metal 5
metal 6



metal effect fr


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