Reminiscent of the stuccowork of the Italian Renaissance, the Metallic Lime Effect creates interior decorations of luxury, affordable by everyone. Its easy application allows the Metallic Lime Effect to be obtained in the dyeing tool with any colorant.


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Craint le gel, conservation 6 mois en emballage d’origine non entamé
Conditionnement : 8 kg


After having applied our Mineral Prim Granité primer, spread on a generous coat of Metallic Lime Effect, using a long-fibre paint roller (12 to 15 mm) per section of 30 cm diameter, smooth it out with a one centimetre open (thumb thickness) stainless steal smoothing tool by circular movements (the bottom should no longer be visible by transparency and the surface should be even with only few marks).

Following drying, rub vigorously with the smoothing tool to make the marks shine. If your marks are too prominent, sand them down and then make them shine with the smoothing tool.

TipsHave a moist sponge at hand to clean regularly the steel plate of the smoothing tool.

Once this stage has been reached, use the smoothing tool to apply a thin coat per section of about 30 cm diameter. Following a setting time of about 1 min., apply the stainless steel metal plate of the smoothing tool (1 cm opening) without force, until the desired gloss is obtained (about 10 passes according hydrometrics).

Monitor the opening of the smoothing tool during the smoothing and metallising operations.


Tint examples

ferree 1Safran
ferree 2Azur
ferree 3Saumon
ferree 4Chocolat
ferree 5Olive
exemple ferree 6Tilleul
ferree 8Marine
ferree 9Lin
ferree 10Pourpre



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