Renewing with the old lime whitewash, the Effet de Chaux is a modern and decorative paint with varied effects. Its mat and flocked finish enhance your rustic or contemporary interiors.


Its easy application allows the Effet de Chaux to be obtained in the dyeing tool with any type of colorant.

Upon properly prepared walls, (Mineral Primer is recommended) apply the first Effet de Chaux coat with a medium hair paint roller (12 mm) and work by panels of 1 m2 to 2 m². Before the product starts drying, work with the special lime brush in a uniform way to give it a brushed look.
Following a drying period of at least 12 hours, apply the second coat with the special lime brush. Dilute a quantity of lime with at least 5% water and apply alternate applications of the pure and the diluted product.

Effet de Chaux Brossée is water-soluble. To obtain a washable product without affecting the colour and the mat finish, cover it up with a super mat varnish.

Packaging :  8 kg

Tint examples

chaux 1Côte d'Azur
chaux 2Franche Comté
chaux 3Provence
chaux 4Charente


ambiance chaux brossee 2


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