The Flake System is a decorative and resistant wall covering system obtained by spraying the flakes on a slow-drying base. Once dried, the flakes are covered by a transparent acrylic varnish.

By mixing flakes of different sizes, shapes and colours you can create a multitude of effects.

Flakes sizes

taille 11mm
taille 33mm
taille 55mm
taille 1515mm



Easy to apply, this system in the aquatic phase is a covering that can easily be maintained, it is washable and very resistant. It is classified as M1 fire-resistant on plasterboard N° JO30892-CEMATE/1.
This system with no pattern to match is ideal for an application in private and public premises (locations frequented by a large public, hospitals, schools etc.).

The different steps of application

Preparation of the base
Before application of flakes, it is required to prime the walls. (Mineral Prim is recommended).

Application of the base
With a medium hair paint roller (12 mm) apply the special acrylic flake base in a proportion of 200 g/m².

Flake projection
By means of the Pistofloc flake gun spray the flakes on the still wet base 200 g/m².

Application of the varnish
Using a paint roller, apply the acrylic varnish over the flakes 100 g/m², and spread the varnish across all edges and corners.

Conditionnement : Kit de 10 m² ; 25 m² ; 50 m² ; 75 m² ; 100 m²

Tint examples

systeme paillettes 45 605Ref. 45 621
systeme paillettes 45 610Ref. 45 630
systeme paillettes 45 619Ref. 45 631
systeme paillettes 45 621Ref. 45 621
systeme paillettes 45 630Ref. 45 630
systeme paillettes 45 631Ref. 45 631


ambiance metamorphose 1
ambiance metamorphose 2
paillettes fr


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