Consisting of a range of 12 different flakes – 6 aluminium colours and 6 golden colours - the metallic flakes are special acrylic flakes based on metallic pigments.

When used in monochrome application on walls or floors or also mixed with traditional flakes, the metallic effect adds a modern touch to the flake system.

Flakes sizes

taille 11 mm
taille 22 mm
taille 33 mm


Tint examples

metalisees A/N03Ref. A/N03
metalisees A/203Ref. A/203
metalisees A/303Ref. A/303
metalisees A/403Ref. A/403
metalisees A/603Ref. A/603
metalisees A/703Ref. A/703
metalisees O/N03Ref. O/N03
metalisees O/203Ref. O/203
metalisees O/303Ref. O/303
metalisees O/403Ref. O/403
metalisees O/603Ref. O/603
metalisees O/703Ref. O/703


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